Innovating AR tour

A Stitch in Time

Augmented Reality. ‘A Stitch in Time’ is an immersive augmented reality quest that invites visitors to discover a 175-year-old Old Wool Mill for wool production and transformation. The machines it houses bear witness to its history, but these technological marvels of the past can no longer operate as they once did. Year after year, the transmission of technical know-how to repair and operate them is being lost.

Accompanied by a character concerned about never seeing the machines work again, the visitor embarks on an adventure to preserve the memory of the place and the industrial heritage of the Old Wool Mill.


Performances every 30 minutes, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

No reservation required, but only 40 available places per departure.

  • Presentation of the mill’s lifestyle during its most lucrative years (5-minute guided explanation)
  • Meet Phil the mechanic and join him on his adventures
  • Discover the hard work and passion that still thrive at the mill through a thread of time with our volunteer who has been here for the last 40 years